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It is estimated that the current world use of bitumen is approximately 102 Million tonnes per year..The primary use of bitumen is for paving and roofing applications:

85% of all the bitumen is used as the binder in various kinds of asphalt pavements: pavements for roads, airports, parking lots, etc.
About 10% of the bitumen is used for roofing.
Approximately 5% of the total bitumen is used for a variety of purposes, each very small in volume.

We directly source the bitumen products from Iranian oil refineries and export them to multiple countries. We have strict quality control procedures to ensure timely delivery of quality products. We believe in delivering quality products, offering unmatched services & establishing long-term relationships.

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With many years of experience in the market areas of Bitumen, Gloria Petrochem understands the
logistical challenges that are faced by both the suppliers and consumers of these products.


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Asia & Middle East (AME) Bitumen & Base Oil Conference
May 14
Asia & Middle East (AME) Bitumen & Base Oil Conference is the largest conference in the Asia-Middle East region on Bitumen and Base Oil.
The 4th AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil conference will be held on July 31 - Aug 1, 2019 in Mumbai
May 14
The 4th Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) Bitumen Conference which is themed “Evolving Bitumen Markets & Emerging Supply and Demand Hubs” will be Organized by Petrosil in Mumbai on…
Argus Asia Pacific Middle East Bitumen 2016
Sep 07
This year we have decided to go beyond the standard to offer delegates a dual-stream conference delivering up to date information on bitumen trade and technology innovation.