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Blackgold Slack Wax


Slack Wax is a translucent crystalline material in a solid state and a yellow, clear liquid when molten. It is derived from petroleum and is primary consists of a mixture of straight chain normal paraffin and branched, iso-paraffin hydrocarbons.

It is used in glass wool and textile treating, wax emulsions, paraffin wax production and candle production.

It contains low level of oil and it has a high congealing point.



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Generating packaging units for giving speedy in product, sale, tile delivery to the customers, facilitating transportation, maintenance and consumption of Bitumen,
optimizing and developing Bitumen carriage Fleet and also in future producing kinds of humidity

Blackgold Bitumen 60/70
Blackgold Bitumen 80/100
Blackgold Bitumen 40/50
Blackgold Oxidized Bitumen

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