5th Annual Base Oil and Lubes Middle East Conference (BLM 2016)

The 5th Annual Base Oil and Lubes Middle East Conference (BLM 2016) will be jointly organized by Conference Connection and Petrosil in Abu Dhabi on 27-28 April 2016.


The event will continue to build on last year’s success and strong performance - the agenda will provide a good spread of topics, high caliber speakers, quality presentations, premium networking opportunities and will act as a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and discussion for the base oil and lubricant industry.

The BLM series is held alongside the Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference (MPGC), the Gulf region’s longest running annual oil conference organized by Conference Connection. First launched in Bahrain in May 2012 with the 20th annual MPGC, BLM moved to Abu Dhabi in 2013, Dubai in 2014, Abu Dhabi in 2015 and in 2016, BLM returns to Abu Dhabi, UAE with the 24th annual MPGC. Leveraging on strong NOC-MPGC relationships, BLM has enjoyed the patronage and support of the Bahrain National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, and Emirates National Oil Company and in 2016, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company once again as hosts. Continuing its focus on the global base oil business, BLM provides both knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, with participation from leading producers, suppliers, manufacturers, re-refiners, traders and end-users from twenty-five countries. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to be part of this exclusive gathering of high level executives.  Fax in your registration form or register online at www.baseoillubes.com now!